Life College – 7 July to 21 July

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Enneagram for Leaders by Andy Stanley

Knowing your underlying motivations and how you’re wired will help you make better leadership decisions. Learn about the Enneagram types and how you approach life.

Out of the Cave by Chris Hodges

Do you feel guilt and shame about negative thoughts and emotions and your inability to overcome them? Should a Christian even have these struggles? Find liberating solutions for your battles with depression.

Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith by Andy Stanley

How differently would you respond to difficulties, temptations, and even good things if you knew with certainty that God was planning to leverage them for good?

The New Testament You Never Knew by NT Wright and Michael Bird

Take a theological journey and travel the lands of the New Testament, exploring the world of Jesus and the Apostles as it was in their time. Gain fantastic background information to deepen your personal reading of the Word of God.

Life, Money, Hope by Dave Ramsey

Join Dave Ramsey as he offers biblical advice about some of life’s most difficult problems. Learn the basics of finance according to the Bible, how to break the power of debt, and the number one myth about money.

Minds, Manners and Moods by Robi Sonderegger

When you understand your mind better, you will handle your moods better! Learn the whys, the how’s and the what’s with Dr Robbi as he provides a practical toolkit to move you towards healthier mental wellbeing.

Killin’ It by Andy Stanley

Pride. It shuts us in and shuts God and others out. It keeps us from saying what needs to be said and hearing what needs to be heard. Learn to how Kill It!

Parenting in the 21st Century by Andy Stanley

If you’re parenting, you probably look for advice from time to time. It’s a tough job, after all, and you want to get it right. Find an unexpected place to turn to when you’re looking for guidance about the trickiest topics of family life—from discipline to divorce.

Relational Vampires by Craig Groeschel

Some people just seem to suck the life out of us. We know we’re supposed to love them, but honestly, sometimes it’s just plain difficult!

Staying in Love by Andy Stanley

Finding a romantic match has never been easier in these days of click and swipe. But staying together seems to be the real challenge – is it even possible? Learn how to stay in love, keep your vows and mean it!