Kidzone is all about moving kids towards Jesus on a weekly basis through a service that is geared just for kids. With faith-filled worship, Biblical teachings and fun games and activities, children are given the opportunity to experience Jesus in a life giving, age appropriate environment.

Coronavirus update:

As we head into 21 days of lockdown, we want to let you know that we love you and your children and we want to pastor them well during this next season. We also want to equip you with everything you need to help move them towards Jesus. Below is some info on how we can do this together over the next few weeks. We firmly believe that every obstacle is an opportunity, and so here’s the plan for our children!

Discipleship happens at home:

At Thrive, we believe that our children will always benefit whenever our parents and our Kidzone team partner together to move kids towards Jesus. So, in order to help this happen during the next few weeks when we’re unable to meet together, we have some fantastic resources that we want to give you so that you can continue to disciple your children.

Parent Cue App:

The Parent Cue app is directly linked to our current curriculum that we do at Kidzone. It is super simple and easy to use and is a great resource for you to disciple your children. This means that you will be able to register your children on the app and then have access to the Bible story videos, memory verses and discussion notes. We encourage each family to dedicate some time once a week to go through this content together. You are able to register each of your children individually so all content will be age appropriate. Below is a user-friendly guide on how to download and use the app. Please click on the link below:

Children’s Church Online:

We are excited to have found a great new resource so that our children can experience children’s church on a Sunday. We will be posting a link to a Children’s Church service on our website every week. Here are the links for this week Sunday:

Videos for website:
Ages 1-5

Grade R – Grade 1

Grade 2 – Grade 4

Grade 5 – Grade 7

This includes a teaching, worship and some interactive activities. This is a great tool to have some fun with your kids while moving them towards Jesus on a weekly basis!

Pastoral Needs:

We’d love to stay connected during the next few weeks so please send us any of your children’s praise reports or prayer requests so that we can celebrate with them and pray for them. You can do this by submitting a prayer request or praise report via our church app or you can email

We love you and we are praying for each of you and your families. Let’s stay connected during this time and partner together in moving your kids towards Jesus!

“Our greatest priority as Christian parents is to gradually transfer our children’s dependence away from us until it rests solely on God.” – Craig Groeschel