Partnership is all about making the decision to call Thrive Church your home. Partnership is your opportunity to take your commitment to the vision and values at Thrive Church to the Next level.

In order for you to become a partner at Thrive Church you will need to attend all four weeks of our Move Forward Classes. To find out more about Move Forward, click on the Move Forward tab.

Becoming a Partner at Thrive Church requires 4 things:

1. Follow Jesus– Making a decision to make Jesus your Lord and savior and become his disciple by growing towards being Christ centred.

Baptism in Water- this is your outward declaration of an inward decision.

2. Be With Jesus-Devotional time that you spend with Jesus.

Prayer, Scripture and Worship- As a follower of Jesus we need to commit to living a lifestyle that honors and glorifies God. We should spend time in prayer, scripture and worship and as we do this we should trust him to help us to leave our old lifestyle behind. Through his word and in his presence He will continue to point us towards living a lifestyle that honors Him and pleases Him.

3. Become like Jesus– This is formational your life will begin to reflect Jesus.

Honour- we are to honour the Leadership of our church by committing to fully support the vision and values of our church. And we are to honour those around us.

Excellence- we should strive to be excellent in everything we do as it reflects the heart of God and it honours him.

People (Community)- we should commit to be part of a Life Group where we can disciple and be discipled by others

4. Do what Jesus did– This is missional, as you spend time with Jesus, you become like him and then you can’t help but do what he did.

Serving- serving at church in one of our iServe teams is how we practically love, care and build up the people in our church.

Generosity- we should Tithe and Give Regularly to help build God Church as this will leave a legacy long after we have gone.

If you are not yet ready to Partner with us at Thrive Church, we would love for you to continue to attend our church and remain a connector until such time as you are ready to Partner with us.