Thrive Church is home to people from all walks of life and all age groups. We are a contemporary, practical and people-minded church that is passionate about helping people move towards Jesus. We love to help, inspire and equip people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Our services are approximately 80 minutes long. The first half of our service involves us honouring God in praise and worship, while the second half contains a relevant, Bible based message to equip us for everyday living.

Our Kidzone Children’s Church runs at the same time as our adult services. Kidzone is a full Children’s Church and our goal is to make Kidzone the best 80 minutes of the kids’ week! Our aim is to introduce them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in a fun, safe and exciting environment.
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Pastors Byron and Candice Chicken
Lead Pastors of Thrive Church


All of us are in a different place when it comes to our faith. Some of us have questions about God, and what it really means to follow Jesus. Others may have just recently started following Jesus, while some of us have been following Him for some time already.

No matter where you are in your faith journey, we’d love to help you move forward! Our purpose at Thrive Church is to help you do just that – to help you move towards Jesus.

It’s a journey that takes us from exploring faith and discovering Jesus, to the point where we make our own decision to follow Him. And, once you’ve made that decision for yourself, we want to help you constantly grow in your faith, to the point where Jesus becomes the centre of your life. We know that as you do so, you will become all that God has created you to be, and you will truly begin to thrive!

And so, our desire for you is that you would grow and thrive, not only in your faith, but also in every area of your life.

Sundays 8:30am and 10:30am.

We host special events on Sunday evenings from time to time. Details of these events are posted on our website regularly.

Children’s church (Kidzone) runs simultaneously with adult services.

Please note that all services and events start on time. Punctuality is an important value at Thrive Church, and for your personal safety and those of our children, the campus gates are locked ten minutes after the start of the services.


Thrive Church is a member of the Assembly of God (A.O.G.) in South Africa.

The A.O.G. South Africa has well in excess of one million members in over 2000 congregations.

Constitutionally the A.O.G. is a fully integrated church. A General Conference is held every two years, where a non-racial General Executive is elected. A.O.G. South Africa is part of the world wide A.O.G. and yet is autonomous in South Africa. It has been a nonracial denomination since its inception and is administered by a multi-racial executive comprising of 22 members.

Please visit www.assemblies.org.za for more Information.

Jesus is our center.

People are our reason.

Prayer is our priority.

Worship is our passion.

Serving is our privilege.

Scripture is our authority.

Excellence is our standard.

Honour is our way.

Generosity is our norm.

Community is our heart.


The management and leadership of Thrive Church as a Church are divided into two key areas.

The first area is the vision, direction and spiritual leadership and oversight of the Church. The Church has a board of elders that are responsible for these aspects of the Church. While the eldership board gives input, lead pastors Byron and Candice Chicken are ultimately responsible for the vision, direction and oversight of the Church, and are accountable to the leadership of the Assemblies of God in South Africa.

The second area relates to the day-to-day financial management and operational activities of the Church. Thrive Church has an advisory board that oversees the financial affairs of the Church, and the important day-to-day operational requirements of the Church. The advisory board consists of 8 people, including an independent, external advisor who is not a member of the church.

The role of the management team is to ensure that the highest standards of accountability are enforced with regards to the finances and operations of the Church.

Thrive Church is a registered non-profit organisation and public benefit organisation and is audited accordingly by an independent auditor.