Vision Sunday

At Thrive Church, Vision Sunday is one of our favourite days in our calendar. It’s a day when we put a stake in the ground about the kind of year we are going to have and the kind of life we are going to live!

This year, our vision is:


At Thrive we are passionate about moving towards Jesus!

We know that as we learn to be with Him, we will become like Him, and we will do what He did. That’s HOW we move towards Jesus. We learn to be with Him, and then we become like Him and we do what He did.

And the BIG reason, the WHY we move towards Jesus, each of us, is because we know, each of us: I’m better with Him. You are. I am. We are better with Him.

John 10:10b NLT: “My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.”

With Jesus, our lives will be rich and satisfying. When we say rich, we mean a life rich with purpose and rich with His presence. So, we are better with Him. Way better with Him.

In order for us all to be reminded of this powerful truth, we have created wallpapers that we can download, either as a phone wallpaper or as a computer wallpaper so that the vision is always right in front of us. Feel free to download them and use them.

To save them:
Step 1: Click on the one you want when it comes around. The landscape picture is for computers and the portrait picture is for cellphones. It will open in a new page.

Step 2: Once it’s open, you should be able to save it to your phone or computer by right clicking or holding down to bring up the option to save.

Step 3: Save to your desktop or gallery.

Step 4: Set as wallpaper.

It’s as easy as that 😊

We pray that as we navigate the next year, we would all remember that we are better with Jesus and so we would be intentional about spending time with Jesus and then allowing Him to guide us.